Problem installed FRC Plugin on Netbeans

My team is having problems installing the 2012 netbeans plugins for FRC.
There are no real errors during the installation but I do not see the FRC Icon in the tool bar nor do I see any FRC sample applications.

Any ideas?

Dave Frederick, Manassas VA Team 1895

We are having the same problem.
We have installed the newest version of FRC java plugins for netBeans using the plugin update utility in netbeans.
After the installation we tried to open a new project but found no “FRC Java”
option. It look like the plugins are no longer installed.

If we make any discoveries, we will post our findings here.

Can both of you confirm that the plugins are installed?

To do this, Tools->Plugins->Installed(x), then sort this list by ‘Category’ and try and find 6 plugins with the category ‘FRC Java’. If you are missing these that would be your issue.

Also, after installing/updating the FRC modules, NetBeans should have asked you to quit and restart NetBeans. Did it ask and did you restart?

This may help, this may not help but I’ll say it anyhow. I had updated my dev computer to the 2012 updates, however I needed to work with a cRIO that I wasn’t able to update at the time. So I downgraded to the 2011 update and it still didn’t want to work. In the end I got it working with some prodding.

To get it to work, I uninstalled the plugins, then closed netbeans, then found where the wpilibj was installed (in my case, C:\Users\Nick\sunspotfrcsdk) and deleted that folder. I then installed the plugins again and it worked. Yes my case is different than yours but doing this may help you out.

The problem continues I have tried a number of troubleshooting activities without any luck. Really frustrated.

Running XP with 512MB memory.

I can see the plugins listed on the DOWNLOADED tab but not the INSTALLED tab. Attempted local and network installs.

Did another (VMWARE) install with Netbeans 6.7.1 (and JDK) then FRC and still no joy. Thought maybe memory. So on the VM raised memory to 1G. STILL NOT LUCK.

I can see the modules listed (e.g. sqwuak) as Netbeans starts but no errors are presented…

I could use some directions on how to debug Netbean module loading.

Have you tried a newer version of Netbeans? We’ve been testing with the most recent version of Java and Netbeans. Also we’ve been using Netbeans 6.9.1 with good results. That’s what’s on the automated test system.


Have you tried installing the plugins manually? Download Manually

I was having the same problem.

It did ask me to restart. It closed, but did not automatically open. When I opened it manually, it would flash the plugin installing screen (not long enough to have actually installed the plugins) and then opened Netbeans. When Netbeans opened, the plugins were not installed.

I was using Netbeans 6.8. First I updated my JDK with no effect. Then I updated Netbeans to 6.9.1 with no effect. Then I deleted my sunspotsdk folder, and then I was able to successfully install the plugins.

This looks like a system memory requirement.
Using VMWare and a number of tests, it looks like the new FRC plugins require a minimum of 768 Mb of system memory to be included on startup.

I guess I will start looking for some new laptops…

We were having similar problems with this year’s NetBeans and FRC plugins on last year’s laptops (although they had a clean OS install). By halving the number of laptops (to double the amount of RAM in each to 1 GB) we were finally able to get it to run.

I have also been having this problem. The first time was on a laptop running Windows XP. I’m not sure how much RAM it has. I finally got it working by completely uninstalling and reinstalling NetBeans. I am now trying to get the plugins working on my Linux box. I seriously doubt memory is the (only) problem here, as it has 12 GB of RAM.

I would hope ram is not the problem. :slight_smile:

I doubt RAM is the issue have had this issue on computers with over 4GB of RAM. Deleting the sunspot folder and installing the plugins manually worked for me.

In the past, I have been able to run with only 2GB of ram.

I checked, and the XP laptop that a NetBeans reinstall fixed had 4GB RAM.

I tried a manual install first, and I can’t find a sunspot folder. Do these plugins expect to be able to install to a shared directory? I’m not running Ubuntu as root, so NetBeans doesn’t have privileges to write to shared directories.

Okay, same problem… We are using a server with 3 gigs of Ram and Xeon processors, NOT the issue here. So I had issues with my personal laptop, but somehow it eventually installed… I tried both manual and the automatic update one. So it shows up as installed until I restart the IDE. Then it has no evidence that it even installed. Tried it 10 + times both manually and automatically… I know what Einstein said about repeating the same thing over and over again…


The plugins work with NetBeans 7.0.1, NOT 7.1… My personal laptop has 7.0.1 and we installed 7.0.1 on the server, it confirmed works.

We resolved our problem by installing the newest version of NetBeans and then installing the FRC plugins.

2 Windows xp 2gb ram
Windows xp 1gb ram
Ubuntu 10.10 with 3gb ram
Ubuntu 11.10 with 1gb ram
Windows 7 with 2gb ram
Windows Vista with 3gb ram

I have gotten all of these computers to run both netbeans and use the plugins with NetBeans 7.1.

I also installed Netbeans 7.0.1 portable on my flashdrive and have had it work at every computer I use it at.