Problem Installing WPILib 2023.1.1 on M1 Mac

Is anyone else getting this issue?

I assume some file in the zip folder needs to be selected?

Make sure you downloaded the ARM version not Intel version from the installers

You need to be using the Arm installer on M1, not the Intel installer. The error page making this clearer isn’t showing up properly, and is a bug I need to fix for the next release. Make sure to unmount the intel disk image before mounting the arm one.


Thank you for the response. I downloaded the wrong package by mistake last night. Could have easily doubled checked that.

However, I run into another problem when using the arm installer this time:

I verified that the dmg file was not damaged:

You need to make sure to unmount the intel dmg. I’d probably reboot just to be sure as well. The logic for finding the artifacts file is a bit wonky on Mac, and if it can still find the old dmg it will sometimes use that for the artifacts, rather then the newly mounted one.