Problem opening the dashboard in developer

We are having a problem opening up our dashboard in developer. We also had trouble with the driver station, but we re downloaded nicyapi.dll file and that is working. When we run the program that is suppose to open both, only the driver station pops up. any help would be appreciated. Thanks.:slight_smile:

Check the Driver Station Setup tab to see if “local dashboard” is selected.

The Dashboard should also appear on your list of All Programs.
You can look for it at C:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard and execute it from there too.

I have already check that. Is there any else I can try? I am trying to get both of them to open together, but even in the driver account only the driver station is working? Thanks for trying.

So you tell me you have the Dashboard in All Programs and you found it in C:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard and local Dashboard is lit.

Is the Dashboard you found in C:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard actually named “Dashboard.exe”?

Did you edited the Driver Station .ini file to change the name?

Yes I have already checked all of those, execpt that the Dashboard.exe is not in all programs. Would htat change it. I don’t know if the ini file was changed. It was all working until members of my group started messing around with it. Is there a way I can tell if the ini file was changed. I am not a genius with a computer andy help would be nice.

If it’s not showing up in your Start -> All Programs then it wasn’t installed correctly.

I’d advise you to go to
C:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard
and delete the three old files you’ll find there.

Then run the Driver Station update again to get the Dashboard installed properly.

thanks for the ideas I will try them tomarrow. It is getting late.