Problem processing images on the Dashboard

After looking around Chief Delphi I still have not found an answer to the problem that we are facing at the moment. Our vision processing code is working when on the cRIO 100% (other than making the robot lag terribly).

After porting most of our stuff over to the dashboard so that it is processed there, we have observed the results on the Driver Station. Our direct camera feed works, no problem. Our filtered feed, shows a plain white image to the DriverStation. Its not empty like it is getting no image, it is white as in a blank image. We are displaying filtered feed right after the color threshold for debugging. The direct camera feed (the working feed) is sent to the color threshold and after going through the threshold, it is white.

I will try and post a picture of the snippet that returns the blank image.

Any Ideas? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Anyone? :confused:

Kind of dead in the water at the moment D:.

I haven’t seen this before. The filter is a threshold, right? If it is white, you are possibly displaying with the wrong color palette, or perhaps you wired up the value to replace with in the threshold? Since this is a LV dashboard, it should be pretty easy to debug. Probe the images a step at a time and follow it across the diagram.

Greg McKaskle

We have tried to deploy it and it immediately closes with the error:

Image not large enough.
Color Threshold Failed.

A more accurate representation of our diagram would be this: (No screenshot sorry)

  -> Read MJPG -> Color Threshold ->......

Again, we are using the Read MJPG vi connected to the camera ip address and having the IMAQ image that we attached to to Camera Image go into the Color Threshold Vi. The Color Threshold has all of the appropriate inputs and outputs connected (Color Mode, and Ranges).

We do not know what this means. We have tried all resolution sizes and settings for the camera.

I haven’t seen this myself, so I can only give you a few things to check. Make sure that you have an Image Create wired to the Get Image and another created and wired to the threshold.

Greg McKaskle