Problem reconfiguring radio after competition

We are trying to reconfigure our radio on our robot so that we can run the robot wirelessly at our school. Whenever we try using the FRC configuration utility it errors out and says it needs an ip of What do we need to do to reconfigure the radio?

It’s the laptop’s wifi disabled and LAN set to DHCP?

The wi-fi is disabled, but not sure about the DHCP. How do I check that?

Locate a command prompt window - usually found under Start->Accessories.
In the window type “ipconfig /all” press enter.
This should dump the ip address for all of your ports, as well as your DHCP status.

Got it working. Hooked it to a desktop computer and it flashed fine and will now connect wirelessly to the laptop. Go figure…

I suspect the desktop was DHCP since most cases people don’t run desktop IPs as static. Anyhow good to hear your up and running.

You could see if the LAN connection was static or DHCP. Goto to configure network adapters and check the properties of the card specifically the ipv4 property.