Problem reformatting Roborio 1.0

So I reformatted the Roborio v1.0. I redeployed the code to it but in the driver station, the code icon was red. It didn’t turn green no matter what I tried:

Restarting Driver Station
Power cycle robot
Reset button on Roborio

Did I miss something while reformatting?

If the rio imaging tool was successful (i.e. no error), then the reformatting was almost certainly not the problem.

More likely, your code deploy was not successful. Check the output window for any errors. Feel free to post the output here if you need assistance interpreting the output.

Or perhaps there’s an issue in your code causing it to crash. I would recommend trying to deploy a fresh project (as in, create a brand new project from a template) and try to deploy that.

The deploy was successful.

Oops. Misread that. So you have Comms but no code?

I assume you aren’t using labview.

yes the correct team number was assigned.

With Labview you have to install different vendors libraries on the rio, or your code may crash. For instance ctre and rev.

No I am not using labview. I have comms but no code that is correct

Check your RioLog after deploy. That should give you some clues.

You can also hook up the serial port and watch the output there. Something like this is used to do this (note that this part is 3.3V, so you would connect it to the “uart” pins on the MXP port).

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