Problem running compiled code

When we make any change to the default source code, compile it, and upload it to the robot, it will not run. The robot controller just hangs, with lights flickering on and off. The upload seems to go properly, with the correct acknowledgement messages etc.

When we upload the unmodified default code, everything works properly (except that the robot complains that it cannot find the camera), so the connection between the computer and robot works just fine.

We are using the latest version of the C18 compiler.

Any ideas?

It’s really hard to know what “any” change is. Can you give examples?

… adding a comma to a comment line causes this problem.

It would appear that the compiler is not producing operable code, even though it gives no error messages.

I was actually having the same trouble, except that I assumed that the problem was because I was using WINE under Linux. Maybe it’s not WINE’s fault…

Has anyone gotten the new 2.4 compiler to work?

jskene: Could you post a md5sum of the .hex file that the linker produces without any changes to the code? I want to see if we get the same output…

Most problems of this sort that I’ve run into have been due to installation mistakes, diverging from the installation defaults, or reordering/relocating folders. For instance, the MPLAB toolsuite setup.

Yes, I have the new compiler working 100% correctly.

(O:\Source\FIRST\FrcCode2005v2.4) md5sum FrcCode.hex
9d4c589d007f4f1df0cd8ca0eb634269 *FrcCode.hex

We are having exactly the same problem as jskene.

Double-check to make sure you’ve selected the correct target device. If you’re accidentally compiling the code for something other than a PIC18F8520, it won’t run on the RC.

I had a problem on my home computer, however I re downloaded and installed the compiler at our office where we do or work and it compiles downloads and runs fine I would say do a full un install and then start over, It can’t hurt to try

I have the same problem with my controller.
Simple as declaring a variable messes with the controller. Writing a code works until the controller is reset or powered off. Then the program state gets messed up

Hmm. Apparently it only happens on the EDU controller for me. The full-sized one works great.