Problem Safety Glasses

I think there is a problem with my team’s safety glasses

What is the decibel rating of that hearing protection?:rolleyes:

Well, if a picture you can see is worth 1000 words then those must be 1000 times more effective than regular hearing protectors.

I think they are rated for a 4.3 on Moment magnitude scale

Considering so many people (including me) tend to use safety glasses as forehead protectors than eye protectors and have to be told repeatedly to wear them properly maybe they figure if you wear them properly not only will the protect your eyes from injury but you won’t get screamed at by the safety people and the mentors (particularly the ones running shop) and thus your ears won’t be bleeding from the bawling out you’d get from them.

That must be a protector for earplugs. You must have lots of flying debris to take out an ear or two :smiley:

I figured they just had them in there to keep the earslugs from crawling out of the bin…


Another thing would be to prevent getting “yelled at” (thus hearing damage) for not wearing safety glasses, wear eye protection :slight_smile:


You have to atleast give them partial credit for putting them in a bin and not leaving them laying all over the room :stuck_out_tongue:

very good point saves your hearing and your eyes:D

It is hearing protection so that your safety captains don’t yell at you and put you in time out for 15 mins… true story ::safety::