Problem sending processed image to FRCVision web dashboard

I was trying to send an image from my raspberry 4 to my computer and expected to get an edited image, but this code is just streaming the camera. Does anybody know what am I doing wrong? The code is from

def main():
    cs = CameraServer.getInstance()
    camera = cs.startAutomaticCapture()
    camera.setResolution(320, 240)
    cvSink = cs.getVideo()
    outputStream = cs.putVideo("Name", 320, 240)
    img = np.zeros(shape=(240, 320, 3), dtype=np.uint8)
    while True:
        time, img = cvSink.grabFrame(img)
        if time == 0:
        blackImage = np.copy(img)*0

Are you sure you’re looking at the correct stream? Port 1181 will have the camera stream, and port 1182 will have the processed stream, assuming you have only 1 camera. The point is, check the other ports if you haven’t already.

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