PROBLEM - the cmaera doesnt detect the GREEN LIGHT

Here is my problem: the camera doesnt detect the green light.
The Proccess:
I worked through this Guide:
and i did everything right, i passed the assembly (successfully) and then i stepped to the Vision Sensor Setup.
everything is good till i need to use the “2007 Target.cfg” in the LabView, i dont have this file because i dont know where to get it, so i downladed the file from the LabView website, the 2006 version - i downloaded all the GUI…
anywqy, now im using the file “2006 Target.cfg” instead of the 2007’s version, and at the beginning i went theough the calibration on pages 17 - 19.

it didnt work. i tried the YCrCb Calibration on pages 27 - 34, because i want this color space (look at question #5:, and it didnt work either.

The details of the problem:

when i use the LABVIEW i see exactly as i supposed to see (i think…) - i see on the “Pixel BitMap” black background and a light-bluerectangle (which is the green light. and i finished everything in the documents (everything i needed).
now, im trying to let the camera find the green light (connecting the DB9 cable to the program port on the RC, and so on…), and i start the camera, and it is searching the green light, and very few times it find the green light, but then escaping back to it’s beginning position and begin to search again.
the distance of the green light doesnt matter - sometimes even if its less then 1 meter, but sometimes the camera sees the green light from 1 meter, but the confidence is not high.
when i change the camera’s parameters such as writen on page 41 (i went throught the previous pages of the MPLAB Config.), it doesnt see the green light at all… no matter the distance…

does anyone know what should i do? im working on it almost 1 week and i didnt solve this problem yet and i dont know what to do. need help.
thanks, Nir

I’m not sure if this will help you, but the behavior of your camera sounds like Kevin Watson’s FAQ #9. He says this is caused by diligently following the instructions and mouting the camera upside down. The camera’s power switch should be down at the bottom.

(See the FAQ at

After you got your picture in labview, did you update the parameters in camera.h, recompile the code and send the code in?

Same problem here, both with the menu that the camera has and by changing the parameters in camera.h. (Or was it tracking.h? One or the other)

Frankly, there needs to a sticky or something regarding what to do if all else fails. And yes, I read the FAQs, yes, I calibrated the camera properly, yes, I can see it fine in Labview, yes, I installed the board switch-down, yes, I changed my parameters in whatever “.h” the parameters were in, recompiled and uploaded…

I’m stumped too. According to the workbook and the rest of the internet, I should be able to track the light. But it’s not working. Any other suggestions that might be the magic bullet to make it work?

no, i didnt change it through ‘camera.h’ but on the Terminal Window of the IFILoader i changed the parameters (as writen on page 41, on the PDF i mentioned in the main thread), and then the camera didnt see it at all… is it the same? ill try it today again… but anyway i need more solutions because i dont think this might be the problem.