Problem with a cRIO project

I have been trying to create a cRIO project, everything is created fine but when I try to upload it into the robot it says there is a break in the and when I enter into the block diagram there is no break what should I do???

Errors often report Robot Main just because it calls everybody else. Robot Main is essentially your program that’s made up of a bunch of sub-vi’s. Take a look at the vi’s you’ve modified from the default baseline to see if any of those front panel arrows are broken. The most likely candidates are: and

Are you using the Run arrow from the Robot front panel?
Are you using Build/Run as Startup

Perhaps a screen shot of the particular error message or posting a zip of the project so we can help you find the error…

Break (as opposed to “The VI is broken”) might refer to a program breakpoint in execution accidentally inserted into a sub vi like Teleop, but that’s only effective when using the Run arrow. Breakpoints show up in the code as a red dot on a data flow wire as in the attached (red dot on the axis 2 (y) output wire).