problem with .c files

when i tried to import files into a new project, the complier puts all the .c files into the other files category. this problem makes me unable to compile because i have no source files. i do not what to do. i have proabliy missed a step somewhere. please help. :confused:

Rather than making a new project, just copy and paste the files into a new directory. Thats, what Ive been doing with all my different versions. Make a new directory for the new version, and copy all the files from the old directory.

I just encountered this today too. You need to “Select Language Toolsuite” under the Project menu, and set the “Active Toolsuite” to “Microchip C18 Toolsuite”.

what you can do is open an existing workspace and in the window that tells you what files are selected right click on the category that you want to add the files to, in this case you would want source files and then select add file

thanks that problem is now fixed.

If you add files this way, MPLAB will still put the files added into the category it thinks they belong. You CAN, however, select “Filter” from the context (right click) menu, and modify the filter that MPLAB uses to determine what files belong in the category.