Problem with camera

We are useing an axis 206. After we use the imaging tool the camera works on the robot untill we turn it off. When we turn it back on it has an orange light around the lens and no longer gives a signal. We have to reset the camera before the imaging tool will see it. Ideas? Thanks

Theres an update for the utilities. Run that. ReSetup the camera. Put it back on. Working camera. Search before posting

The FRC camera setup tool shipped before it was working properly. Reset your camera to factory default (Unplug power, press and hold reset button, plug back in power and wait for the yellow light. Keep holding the reset button till it goes away and comes back on, then release the reset button.)

Next, connect to the camera via an ethernet/crossover cable. Set your IP to 192.168.0.xx (xx being any number from 1 to 89). Open an internet browser and navigate to You’ll be prompted to set a password. Write your password down along with your login (root).

After setting a password, hit “Setup”>>“TCP/IP”. There, you are able to manually set your camera’s IP.

The updated camera configuration tool can be found here.

Or, to manually configure the camera, look at this post.