Problem with connecting to roboRIO


We’ve encountered an issue where our computer is not communicating properly with the roboRIO. I made a post asking about this, but deleted it because we thought it was fixed, but apparently it isn’t…This is the error we got:

Assertion failed boolean test. roboRIO Image does not match plugin, allowed
 image version: 19

(Yes, I did type out the entire error message because I’m posting on a different computer than the one we used for coding.) We were thinking that it’s an issue with the Java version on the computer and the roboRIO not matching. Is that correct, and if so, which one should we change? Is it something totally different? We tried reinstalling the JRE on the roboRIO, but we still got the same error.


It is not that you have a different version of Java, it’s that you have the wrong RoboRIO image installed. You’ll want to use the RoboRIO imaging tool to update it to this year’s image.

We tried that, and it seems to be working. Thanks!