Problem with cRIO Imaging tool

hey guys
i dont know wat exactly happen but there is a message says that "unable to assign an IP address for the CompactRIO device.Ensure the IP Reset switch on the compactRIO device is turn off."i have no idea wat to do can u please help me please… thanx

On the cRIO by where the power is connected there are white switches that can be toggled like a teeter-totter back and forth. Turn your cRIO off and then toggle the one that says IP Reset next to it to the on position. Turn your cRIO back on and the indicator light should flash yellow until the IP is reset. Once it’s done flip the switch back to off and attempt to image the cRIO again.

Edit: I believe the switches are called “DIP Switches”
Edit: It sounds as if the DIP switch for the IP Reset is in the on position, all DIP Switches should be off when imaging a cRIO and for normal operation.

but we have the 2013 version one there is no white toggle swithches…

In that case the DIP switches are virtual and can be toggled within the cRIO imaging tool.


The typical troubleshooting steps for this sort of problem:

Turn off the Windows firewall.
Double-check that your wired Ethernet connection is configured with the proper IP address (in your case, or .6) and only that address. Then check it again. Then have someone else check too.
Make sure that all other network adapters are disabled.