Problem with Erratic SDS Mk2 Modules

Hey all, my team is having an issue with our SDS MK2 swerve modules, and I’m wondering if anyone on here has experienced something similar. On a side note, we are using SDS’s provided swerve code, and falcons to power both wheel positioning and rotation.

Essentially, the issue we faced last “season” was that the swerve as a whole worked very poorly. The rotational positioning of the wheels was erratic, and unpredictable at times (frequently causing the wheels to push in opposing directions.) We’ve been running some tests, and have discovered some behaviors we find strange. First, the rotation of the modules (as in positioning not wheel rotation) is not continuous - during a 360 deg rotation, the module will only rotate 90 deg before going back to zero and flipping the direction of the wheel’s rotation to imitate the effect. Secondly, there is a lot of positional loss during “continuous” rotation (e.g. holding the joystick to the right). We conducted a test where the wheel was rotated continuously for ~10 sec and then returned it to its initial position. We found that it returned to a position nearly 10 deg off the original position. Anyone know what could be causing this, or why the rotation of the wheels operates in such a manner? @PatrickW

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I can’t personally help, but please post your code, preferably a GitHub link. It’ll help others help you.

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