problem with getting power

We are getting power to motor controls and sidecar but are not receiving power to crio. I tested the crio out on a different power board and it worked.
Do we need to replace the power board?

Did you put a multi-meter on the 24v output of the non-working power distribution panel?
Is the 24v LED on the non-working PDP showing bright green or is it dark?
Is anything else connected to the 24v output, e.g., solenoid power?
Did you test with the same 24v wires/connectors on both the working PDP and the non-working PDP?

Where are you connecting your cRIO on your power board?

Not necessarily. Depending on how you transferred the cRIO to the other PD board for testing power, you might just have a loose connection. If you have a multimeter handy, I would suggest checking the voltage coming out of the cRIO dedicated port on the PD board. If you are reading the correct voltage, you probably just have a loose connector. If not, it may be something far more serious.

Thank you,
We found a bent pin in the board and it works fine now.