Problem with Image Section

Is it just me, or is the server the pictures are on been down for the past few days? Is anyone else having trouble viewing the pictures? Also the buttons for like new thread are there…just with out the picture? Is that the same for everybody else too?

If you’re talking about CD:

Everything’s working fine for me.

Everything is cool with IE6 and Netscape 7

What browser & OS?

Ok this is really weird. After it not working this entire week, everything is back up. Im so confused. What could it have been…?

edit: now everything works except the images in gallery 2 though the rest

Actually I noticed this a few days ago when none of Chiefdelphi’s images would load in IE. I switched to Mozilla and shruged it off as something odd. Now it works perfectly.

New update on problem. All the buttons such as the smiles, the icons, the post new thread etc. are back. Now the image gallery is still not working. The first 10 have the “previews” but they dont open After the first 10 pictures, no previews are evevn there

I’ve had no problems. I’m running Windows 98se, Windows 2000 Pro, and Windows XP Home between the different computers I have. All are running IE6.