Problem with Kevin's code

Hey, i have downaloded kevin’s 2.1 bells and whistles code, and when i try to open it with mplab i dont see any project files, and therefore i cant change any values in there.
Why is this happening and what is the solution?

Are you opening the project file? I haven’t worked with Kevin’s code in a while but I believe the project file is something like Bells & Whistles.mcp.

i only have camera.mcp
edit: problem solved, apparently mplab doesnt like files on my desktop…

MPLAB likes short DOS type pathnames.

Like this:


most teams in Israel got this prob.

just surprised you didn’t experience it before.

MPLAB’s first time on a Hebrew PC there? :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for that train ticket to Hadera:D

You know, it’s looking more and more like you i’m gonna have to buy you more than just one ticket…
and that is, without even starting the autonomous testing, it’s just the CMUcam tracking problems…