Problem with LabView Update 3.2 #2

:yikes: We installed LabView update 3.2 and when we downloaded our code which was working with 3.0 the digital side car did not put out any pwm signals??? The rest of the digital side car worked. We had DIO inputs from the line sensors and compressor switch working. And the relay outputs to the compressor worked as well. Only the PWM signals were not functioning. I didn’t have a scope to check the pwm signals but the Jaguars and the victors didn’t see any. Is this a problem with the FPGA crio load?? Help.

I just installed LabView Update 3.2 #2, and now LabView won’t run at all. When I try to launch it, it says “Unable to open resource files.” This is a horrible time to have no LabView! Suggestions anyone?

when did first give out the 3.2 update?
Last i got, it was 3.1.

It looks like it was released yesterday.

Is this a problem with the FPGA crio load??

The FPGA did not change with 3.2, only NetConsole changed.

That seems to mean you tried to run the update from within the .zip file.

Uncompress everything and run it again.

We’ve heard of this happening when Windows decides to update in the middle of your FRC install. Usually running the FRC update again fixes it. I’m curious how you run the FRC update. Do you unzip it to a folder, and then run the installer?

I’m having this same problem and the same error message pops up every time I try to install the 3.2 update. I also cannot roll back to 3.1

Exactly how are you installing it?

By extracting everything from the .zip archive and running Autorun.

I’ll just reinstall LabVIEW.

Problem wasn’t with the update at all. Learned about the DriveSafteyUpDate.VI. The TeleOp.VI wasn’t running fast enough.::rtm::

How did you solve the problem?

I’m sorry to say this, but we had the same problem and the way we fixed it is to reinstall labview. also remember to extract the update before running it.

We had to remove some code that was measuring a Potentiometer in a while loop inside the The code wasn’t running fast enough for the to get the update signal that resets it so it disables all PWM signals. Then the Jag’s/Victors see no control and disable their oututs. I think…

Can you post your code? In general, it is a bad practice to put while loops in the for the reason you mentioned. When we implement sensors we normally put these in a “Sensors” While Loop in Periodic Tasks, with about a 20-40 ms wait.

I unzip everything into another folder and I first run the AutoRun and I run the SetUp.

I have done the update for five times and Labview still doesnt run at all.

We extracted it out of the zip file and then ran the application. After re-imaging the cRio it should work. The update came out yesterday. :slight_smile:

When the v28 cRIO image came out, we re-imaged our cRIO, and confirmed through the Driver Station. At the time (and currently) our classmate is at LV Update 3.1 The recent Update #12 says that Labview Update 3.2 and cRIO v28 firmware are required. We will be updating our classmate to LV 3.2.

Is there any reason for us to re-image the cRIO with the v28 image that comes with LV 3.2? I do not believe there would be, since I’m sure that the v28 images are the same. I just want to make sure, can one of the NI reps answer this?

I don’t know what the NI reps will say, but I know when we don’t install ALL updates and reimage, things don’t go right. Also if the little version number is wrong when the inspectors look at your robot, you’ll have to fix it at the regional. We reimaged ours yesterday, it works, it might pass inspection.

squirrel - Thanks for the response. To clarify, we will have everything updated (the DS and the cRIO) to the most current version at our event. My question is if it will be necessery to re-update the cRIO to v28 after we update the DS to LV 3.2, because the cRIO is already at v28 and the DS is at LV 3.1