Problem with Lamprey Encoder Resetting

We are using an external (analog) Lamprey encoder with a mini SparkMax motor, and the Lamprey reads the position of the wheel (rotation) as a number between 0 and 1. Exclusively between 0 and 1 it works fine, but when it crosses over from 1 to 0 (as in makes a full rotation) or from 0 to 1, it resets and causes the wheels to oscillate. The code works otherwise with encoders that are cumulative. How could we fix this? Thanks.

Maybe this could be at play?

Thank you! We tried that, and it remained unchanged.

Id remove every line from your connector except , pwr, gnd and analog out.

This sounds like a new error so let’s start there and we’ll root cause it.

To be clear…the La prey sensor itself is resetting?

Thanks, though we tried that and it didn’t work. We realized the problem was that sometimes the analog was reading a number greater than 1, causing there to be an error in the turning of the wheels, so we think the fix will just be accounting for all the values greater than 1 by flooring.

So this was happening on the Neo software side? Interesting.

Anyway, glad you were able to fix.