problem with logitech attack 3 controller

after trying to work out some bugs in our tele-op program something went wrong with our joystick. i am not sure if this was a mistake made while i was programming but the joystick will move the motor it is controlling forward when it is in a neutral position. it is only when the controller is moved back slightly will it recognize that it is in neutral. is there anyway to fix this in the program or is it something wrong with the joystick? if anyone could help me reset the dead band of the controller or extend it to include where it normally should be it would be greatly appreciated.

The best solution is to power the driverstation down, and when you power back up, don’t touch the joystick until everything is back up and running.

Sometimes, if somebody is moving the joystick when the DS is coming up, the software can “latch” the current position of the joystick and offset the 0,0 point.

I suppose that unplugging and re-plugging it in might also fix it, but I’m just guessing here.

thank you for the advice i just have to wait for robotics to start tomorrow morning so that i can test it. i thought a very similar thing but everyone claims they didn’t do it. thank you for the help.

Unplugging and plugging should work just fine. This seems to happen more often with gamepads. It is easier for something to be sitting on top of them or for them to be upside down or have a cable running across the controls.

Greg McKaskle

this is same exact thing that happened to me. I unplugged and replugged it a few times, until the values were correct, button inverted. That is as good as I got. If you get past that, please let me know :wink:

turns out that there never really was a problem with the actual controller but i made an error in the program. after plugging the controller into the joystick input example i found that the controller was working correctly and was able to fix the problem in the program.