Problem with my Test mode

I have set up a test for the Test mode which opens a new window which is used to adjust motor speeds and other values on our Launcher. It seems that when I change between disabled and enabled a few times at least some of the program stops. When I do this on a PC in simulated mode (you may have to change between disabled and enabled several times) a window comes up that says “Resetting VI:” and the program stops. For this to happen in simulated mode it seems you have to have the Dashboard running in debug mode. So how can I work around this?

If you need to see the code you can use what I have already uploaded to another post here:

Please let me know if you need more information.


I believe I’ve seen something like this in the past but didn’t have the time to track it down. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll look at it when I’m back from vacation. In the meantime, you may try a few things like waiting five seconds between switching from enabled and disabled. When I saw it, it felt like a timing related issue.

Greg McKaskle

I’ve done some testing and I don’t think it’s time related as in waiting 5 seconds between enabling and disabling, but it seems to be time related as in once the robot is in test mode and I have opened the Launcher Test window even without enabling or disabling I wait a certain time (say about a minute and 45 seconds your’s may be different since I am using a newer revision of the program. Let me know if you need the newer revision.) and then the program stops. I think it has to do with the Network Tables as even after the program stops I can still shoot using the joystick but by changing the sliders (using the Network Tables) the motor speeds on the robot do not update! Furthermore it seems only the Network Table entries used by the Launcher Test are effected; because after the Launcher Test stops I can go back to TeleOp (of course you’ll have to add some code to see this) and read the AnglePot (this is a potentiometer readout that tells us the up/down angle of our Launcher) which is still where it would normally have a little jitter, however other values that were not used in the Launcher Test still work.

Thanks for the help