Problem with neverest 40 encoders

We are having problems with our new neverest 40 motor encoders. We are trying to program our autonomous and the motors keep messing up. Please help!!!

How are the motors messing up? Can you explain the situation, what your trying to do, and what’s actually happening. If you have some code that would also be helpful. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable comes along but I at least have a little experience coding the neverest motors for FTC (pre Android). I know for at least my team we ran into issues where the encoder value would randomly jump to an absurdly large number. Which would cause the drive to distance to stop short. Is this similar to what your running into or is it something completely different?

I am only gonna say this because it happened to us and it was a face palm moment… did you hook up the encoder cables? This is our rookie year for FTC and I didn’t realize you had to so the code just kinda didn’t know what to do. :slight_smile: