Problem with OI / RC

During inspection at Cleveland, we were asked to show that we had our team number set correctly on the oi and rc. However, we were unable to show them because it only displayed —. This was strange because last year we used the same dipswitch sequence (I’m sure of it) and we remember being able to read 254 when it displayed the team number.

After playing around some more with the dipswitches, I realized that whenver the far left dipswitch is in the off position, it displays — no matter what your team number is, and when it is in the on position it displays the team number correctly. Since the far left dipswitch represents the number 1, and our team number is an even number, we cannot get 254 to display with this switch set on.

The inspector still did not want to pass us, so we had someone from innovation first come over to check it out. He said he had never seen it before and that he would look into it.

Another interesting note, we are still not sure whether it is the rc or oi that is having the problem. We are currently using the 2002 oi and rc, but thinking that the 2002 oi was bugged we hooked up our spare one that had been used in 2001. I know this oi displayed the team number correctly on last years robot, but it also had the same problem. This led me to believe that it was actually something wrong with the rc and not the oi. This was all explained to the the innovation first guy.

So, has anyone had any similar problems? If this turns out to be a defective oi or rc, this should affect every even-numbered team in the country.

Without an OI to look at in front of me, my memory tells me that the far right dipswitch is the LSB, meaning that far right would = 1 and not far left. The display issue that you describe sounds like the default behavior when the OI is set to a team # greater than 999. I would double-check all of your dipswitch settings, even to the point of setting it so the system displays 0 and adjusting from there. I know we(team 470) did not run into this problem when we were setting our team #.

Well I know our team number is set to 254 and when I switch the far left switch it changes to 255. Maybe there’s something messed up with the entire dipswitch panel on our oi. The guy from innovation first confirmed we had the right sequence.

I myself actually thought that the dipswitch that represents the number 1 was supposed to be on the far right, but this is how ours works.