Problem with old bot

we have been having trouble with our robot not moving at all after i put a code on it. the orange signal lights do not even come on even though the wires leading to them are perfectly fine. drive station says everything is running but no motion or anything. compressor wont start. i did hit the format option when imaging crio after every time i switched the safe mode swich it said in safe mode and wouldnt image the crio. after formating it, it did image and i finaly got code on. but now the problem of nothing working at all. any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

We had some issues with the Slot #'s for the modules now being 0 indexing instead of 1. This might help someone here.

What do you mean?

The slot numbers aren’t relevant to the code. The first module of each type is module 1; the second is module 2. If you only have one analog, one digital, and one solenoid module, they’re all number 1.