Problem with our Victor?

I don’t see how this could be a hardware problem, must be a software problem. :confused:

It looks like you have configured your Victors for a Beowulf Cluster approach. Be sure that you load an OS that supports it.

Hey all,

Thanks a ton for the advice, especially the mitosis bit. That led us to believe that you might be on to something there so we called in a specialist (an electronics biologist who knows about Victor reproduction). Turns out that it’s actually undergoing meiosis so we’re going to try to splice them by soldering them together. We calculated the % yield of majic smoke (we checked the spelling on that and it’s actually “majic”) and we’re coming up about 12 cc short of the needed amounts. So we still need more of that (IFI is back ordered until 2009 and doesn’t carry the old stuff anymore. Does have it?).

We also attached some magnets to get the electrons to orbit the right way and installed Redhat because it supports the Beowulf Cluster configuration emulator but every time we try to tape it back together it flanks the adhesive and massacres it before it even touches the Victor (can you set the aggressive setting to “passive” or anything?), oh yeah, it also killed all our trunk monkeys and they smell really bad.

Hope you guys have some ideas because we’re helpless without this speed controller.

The Ned Pirates

I have tons of old Majic Smoke here, some with date codes that go back into the sixties. However, I have no method of acuumulating the smoke, nor a method of measuring out 12 cc. I would assume you would want more than the minimum in case some leaks out during transfer. However, I cannot guarantee which region the smoke was injected from. Do you have a particular vintage of smoke you are looking for? White or Black or a blend perhaps? Tight curling smoke or straight line smoke? Please advise, awaiting your (cough, cough, there goes another one!) reply.

It can’t be a software problem, because C ignores white space!

Also, the majic smoke must be blue! Its always blue majic smoke!

Well then, I can’t help you there. All my smoke comes from the days before “living color”.

nice job

This thread gets an “A+” From a high school physics teacher! It’s what i’ve needed after 6 long weeks of building!

Now about the “problem”… All our Victors looked that way when we pulled them out of the box 6 weeks ago. They didn’t work for us either. After much thought and observation we deduced that the spin on our electrons were backwards. In order to compensate for this, simple replace the terminal posts with left handed screws and it will work perfectly!

PS: that whole mitosis stuff is a bunch of garbage anyway. Those darned Biologist think they are “real” scientist when they only practice applied chemistry and everyone knows that chemistry is really applied Physics. :wink: trust me on the this: change the screws!

You should try applying anti-matter to the Victor’s surface. That should give you enough pure energy to run your CIMS for the entire competition. Just make sure you don’t wire all your CIMS to this one Victor, that’s against the rules!