Problem with p18cxxx.h and stdio.h

C:\2008\sensor_30\ifi_frc.h:31:Error [1027] unable to locate ‘p18cxxx.h’
C:\2008\sensor_30\serial_ports.h:48:Error [1027] unable to locate ‘stdio.h’

I got this problem when I tried to compile the codes. I used the orignial code and there was no such files like those two.

How can I solve this problem ?

Check default location of include files in MPLAB.

Project->Build Options->Project, make sure Include Path points to the location of mcc18\h. Of course this assumes that you are using MPLAB - other build environments are probably different.

The mcc18 on my system is located on E:\ drive, but most systems have the compiler suite on C:\ drive. You can use the browse function to locate the mcc18\h directory.