Problem with Post Count

With the old vBulletin software (the orange one) when I did a search by username and display posts, it said I had 1400 and something posts. The new post count displayed under the profile info of each post shows me at 1292 now. Did some posts get lost during the switch? Post count doesn’t matter and really shouldn’t but I’m just wondering where they went, or if they went, or if there is a miscalculation. Thanks.

Brandon probably has it set up so that posts in Chit-Chat don’t count.

I think that’s right, but I still think mine is a little low. I thought I had way more than 800-something posts before, I dont think i had that many Chit-Chat posts either.

I just refreshed the counts.

I had Chit-Chat still not counting.

Oh, and the old way of counting (search for yourself, etc) won’t work, because to improve efficiency, search results are limited to 500 results.

I’m seeing something strange here too in the post count. This morning, I was at 40 something and now I’m at 200 something, as if Chit-Chat counts now. Also, I can set a custom title, which I’m sure I’m not supposed to be able to do.

Isn’t it great when you goto the Help forum, and your question has already been asked and answered?


post counts: i made it count every forum now.
custom titles: that isnt based on anything now, everybody gets them (for now)

Yes it is…b/c I was about to do the same thing also

See (

Ah. I see you got my PM about your incorrect custom title :smiley:

Brandon, I think that chit-chat posts should not count towards the regular post count… Chances are, I’m going to create another big thread like “This or That” or “Word Association” and people will just spam there to increase post count and reputation. Plus, it’s just chit chatting.

I say we just get rid of it like it used to be. It’s really not that important of a feature, he’s probably just waiting for all the big things to get done before he does something with the small stuff.

You cannot increase your own reputation though. And post count doesn’t really do anything for you, so it shouldn’t be a problem really…