problem with programming solenoid vales

our team is currently using the pneumatic system for the arm and we are having problems with the double solenoid valve. the module is connected to slot 8. and the sides are connected to the first and second channel. the compressor is operated by a external battery and there are 4 cylinders connected in a chain which is connected by surgical tubing to the pneumatics which is connected by tubing to the piston. i dont see a problem with the wiring because the lights on the solenoid alternate when i press the button i set it to. and it works manually with the blue button on the solenoid. the code is very simple as well

Solenoid * compress;
Solenoid * decompress;

//its initialized inside the default robot
compress = new Solenoid (1);
decompress = new Solenoid (2);

//inside is operator loop
if (leftstick->GetRawButton(6)){

can someone tell me a way to make the piston fire and not just make the lights on the solenoid switch on and off? thank you.
i am sure everything is connected corrected and yes it was enabled there was nothing that we could tell was wrong

Is the soleniod breakout connected to the 24v connector on the PDB (same connector as the cRio), or is it connected to another Wago terminal on the PDB?

It should be connected to the former, as the rest of the PDB only provides 12v but the solenoids require 24v.

oh wow, i cant believe i missed something so obvious, thanks a bunch
$@#$@#$@#$@# freshmen musta wired it when i wasn’t paying attention.

Actually, according to the manual the solenoid breakout board accepts 6-30V. There is no need for 24V, 12V does fine. We have had ours hooked up through a 12V Wago terminal on the PDB, and we have had our solenoids working great.

That’s because you are using 12VDC solenoids.
The one solenoid that came in the 2010 KOP is 24VDC.
You have to wire the voltage that fits your solenoids. They are labeled.