Problem with PWM outputs on RC

We’ve done some testing and have come to the conclusion that many of our PWM outputs seem to be pulsing a signal instead of sending a constant stream.

All of the problems occur outside of the PWMs numbered 3-6. No matter what joystick/device we control the robot with, whichever port we use on the OI, what victor we use, what PWM cable we use, or what motor is hooked up to the pwm signal, the only signals that work properly are motors 3-6.

Is there any way to get a replacement RC delivered to us at the regional from IFI?

Team 1341 Vice President


Call IFI and get an RMA. Then remove your RC from the robot before it goes into the crate (read this).

The manner of shipment of your replacement or repaired RC is to be determined between you and IFI. I am not sure that they will guarentee to bring it to your competition or not…