Problem with Tank drive when activating double solenoids with Joystick Button

Hey everyone, i was recently attempting to program my joystick button in my tank drive code, and when i un-bundled the buttons to access a specific one and put it on a loop to activate if pressed. and when i went to test it, the driving code did not function at all. I don’t understand how the drive code is faulty, if what i did was add a parallel operation. If anyone has any insight as to why this is happening, please share.

PS. ill add a picture of the code when time allows, so that you can see what is wrong if you don’t get it from my explanation.

Teleop is already in a loop. If you added another loop inside teleop, you’re now blocking other things in teleop from running. If you want a parallel loop, put your loop in periodic tasks. However, you can probably just remove the loop you added (but keep the solenoid code).

Alright, ill test that out, thank you for the reply, hopefully its fixed

PS. oh and im the guy who posted, i was using a friends account when i posted