Problem with the battery charger

Hey, my team is from israel and the charger from the FIRST kit is for 120vac, 60hz, our electronic system is based on 220vac - 50hz, how can we solve this?

This problem is the same for the controller power source.

Please help :ahh:

you can get something like this to take care of the problem

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Thanks for your help, we are looking for a cheaper solution though.

It doesn’t look like there is a transformer in there - and if the charger is only rated at 60Hz 120V, then you need a transformer (converter) and not just an adapter.

The adapters are for things such as laptop power supplies and electric shaver’s that will run at 220 50-60Hz but just have the wrong plug.

You may use any battery charger designed for lead acid or gell cell batteries up to 6 amp charging current. There should be many types available for use at 220 volts. Be sure that if you attend any regionals in the US that you bring your 120 volt charger with you. The other alternative would be to purchase a step down transformer (220 to 120) so that you can use any accessory wired for US line voltage. There should be little effect on the charger or the OI power supply when running at 50Hz. You may have a little added heating or maybe some added ripple (line related noise in the DC output)