Problem with the connecting to the host

i get this message every time that i try to debug on eclipse (java)
C:\eclipse\plugins\edu.wpi.first.javadev.sunspotfrcsdk_1.0.7.0\sunspotfrcsdk\build.xml:96: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\eclipse\plugins\edu.wpi.first.javadev.sunspotfrcsdk_1.0.7.0\sunspotfrcsdk\ant\upgrade.xml:40: No route to host: connect

not yet defined for cRIO IP address, so I want to know where to update the address.

I don’t know if you already resolved this or not, but your robot’s IP address is set by the flashing tool.

I have found that many of the problems with code loading are due to mysterious networking issues. The driver station its self has the tendency to change around networking in many nasty ways.



the other problem may be that you have not set your team number in your IDE. i am not familiar with eclipse, but somewhere under options is the FRC options where you set your team’s number. that will change the IP you are trying to 10.xx.yy.2

i hope one of these posts helped resolve your problem ^^ Good luck ^^

How to set your team number in each IDE:

From within eclipse:
Windows > Preferences

From within Netbeans:
Tools > Options > Miscellaneous > FRC Configuration