Problem with unwired RC-OI

My team has already connected the RC and the OI with the tether cable and everything worked fine. Now we connected the radio connections and removed the red tether cable, but it didn’t work. The OI won’t get on (yes, the power is on) :confused:

For clarification, a checklist:

  1. You set your team number on the Operator Interface and tethered it to the Robot Controller, then had the robot on and were running it around.
  2. You have the Robot Controller radio connected to the radio port on the Robot Controller with a black cable.
  3. You have the Operator Interface radio connected to the radio port on the Operator Interface with a black cable.
  4. You have the provided AC adapter plugged into a 120V wall socket and the Power port on the Operator Interface.
  5. The robot is turned on. (I know it’s obvious, but you’d be surprised.)
  6. You haven’t changed the team number on your Operator Interface after it was tethered.

If all those things are true and the OI doesn’t have any lights on it, then it might be something you’ll need to talk to IFI about.

EDIT: HIGHLY important. Israel appears to have a 220V power system. The adapter supplied to you in the kit is almost certainly an adapter for 110-120V. Chances are, trying to use this adapter will either explode the adapter or explode your OI, or possibly both. I strong recommend you get in contact with IFI to find a compatible AC adapter that is designed for 220V. I also recommend you hold on to your 120V adapter, but brightly label it. You may need it if you bring your robot to the States.

We did that…
Well, we know that we can’t use the adapter given to us, so we are currently using power supply (12 volt).
I did everything that you said… I’ll try again, maybe realy the power was of or something.

the OI is rated for 9vdc only anything more may blow the OI

i thought the PS that came with the OI was an 18.something V power supply?
I could be wrong though.

Nope its a 9vdc Power Supply for the OI and a 12vdc Battery for the RC and I think its 7.5vdc for the back-up battery

7.2V (ifi website)

I was close. You could use a 12vdc PS on the OI BUT just be prepared to by a new one. I plugged a 12vdc PS into the OI the other day and it did work but it makes a high frequency whistling sound needless to say I checked the PS and found out it was the wrong voltage for the OI and unplugged it right away. I had the OI on for maybe about a minute or so - Luckily no damage was done to the OI.

Unsure what type of connector you are using off the PS but remember you need a center positive.

We tried once using a universal connector that we got at Wal-Mart because we forgot ours in a crunch. . . Come to find out it was outside positive and the OI wouldn’t turn on or anything. . . . Did no damage to the OI.

There is a polarity issue on the power input connector on the OI. Be sure the power adapter you use has the correct wiring. If it works with the tether, then it should work with the power adapter.