Problem with vision assistant

I used the guide for image processing in NI’s website
(the one which teaches you how to locate the color of a marker cap)
and when I tried to convert the things in the vision assistant to a VI,
the VI didn’t have an error in.
I want to know how to add it.
thank you, Sagiv.

I did exactly what you did and found the same thing. It took me forever to figure out how to add inputs and outputs to a vi. For the error, right-click the unbundle that’s set to “Code” and create a control.

Next you have to switch to the front pane, then right-click the icon of the vi and select “Show Connector”. You’ll see a diagram where the icon was. If you want an input, click on a segment to the left, then click on the control you want, in this case the error in. Now when you use that vi, you’ll be able to wire in an error. Hope that helps!

I am also trying to add my Vision Assistant’s VI to my robot main with no luck.

The above post helped with the error in/out (and other problems I was working on), but I still have no clue what else I need to add controls for.

For example: the ImageDevRef.

What else needs to be done?

If you don’t have an image in, then you probably didn’t export the vi right. When you export, you need to select “Image Control” instead of “Image File” when you are asked to select an image source. If you did that, then you should have an image in and image out that you can wire up when you add it to the vision processing vi.

Ahh, that would be the problem.