Problem with Woodie's Presentation

This has been discussed in a couple of threads but no answer has really been set.

In the human demonstration Woodie said a team could have two Robo-Controllers, but others has been stating from the rules that you can only have one Robo-Coach.

Does anybody know the exact answer to this question?

There is a possibility of having 2 robocontrolers, but that means another team giving up there robocontroller.

We wondered the same thing. To go along with this question, and possibly answer it:

Can another team that doesn’t use the IR board have one of their student use an IR remote for another team, therefore giving one team two robocoaches?

i do believe (i wouldnt bet my life on it) that the two ROBO-Coaches where not on the same team but the same alliance…as each team is alloted 1-Coach 2-Drivers 1-Robot-Coach

but please correct me if im wrong as i am curious o n the matter as well.

Q&A IT!!!

Alright I have heard this before I just need to find a source from like the rules, but I believe your interpretation is correct.

No you’re right. Only one robocoasch per team but as mentioned before, 3 per alliance, so theoretically you can have 3 robocoaches but is virtually useless.

Here is what we determined from the webcast:

You may have 4 (or 3 I can’t remember) students, up to two of them can be robo-coaches. That means you could have two human players and two (or one) robo-coach.

Hope this helps!

EDIT (important):

I checked the game manual and it says that only ONE robo-coach is allowed per team


Page 4 under robo-coach

If you can borrow your alliance’s robo-coaches, wouldn’t it be possible to have 3 coaches at once?

Why would you want 3 robocoaches at once?
If anything, that would make you much less efficient.

That could be a great way to get points, if you have a coach at each point. Then you can all use the same remote and have one person controlling three robots over the point lines, thus earning you a total of 12 points per line if you can handle three robots. If you get really good you can earn a total of 36 points without even knocking a ball down.

i do believe the purpose in having two coaches for one bot was to beter manuver they where at opposit stations in the video…

Well as we all recently found out, you must use members of your alliance to complete that. My team determined that it was pointless to use two coaches because it would be very hard to get three line markers.

What I want to know in connection to this question is, can a robocoach be a robocoach for more than one team on his/her alliance at the same time? I saw nothing in the rules against it, but I’ll have to go through them again…