Just wondering but, why does this site somehow log me out on its own? Is there a way so that I stay online?

One possible cause might be that you don’t have cookies enabled either on your computer or on this board. to enable cookies on this board go into your user control panel and under the options or something like that, click ‘enable cookies’

hope this helps.

PS: Hailfire, i noticed in your sig all your rolls on the team that you do. With the exception of programming (which a can, but don’t do) i do the same things over at RHS on 201. Good luck this year.

Yes I do have cookies enabled otherwise I wouldn’t be posting. Good luck to you too. See you at the competitions.

Actually, I was online earlier today and I wasn’t logged off automatically for 2 hours straight. Maybe it’s just the traffic at this site or something. Just a guess though.

I do everything for my team too. Here are the current titles I give myself.

Human Player
Arm Operator
Robot Designer
Mechanical Technitian
Electrical Technitian
Repair Technition
Forum Moderator
Fundraising Coordinator
Sponsorship Officer

That just about covers all the positions except for programming. We have one guy for that who you may know on these boards as punarhero.

Originally posted by Hailfire *
** Maybe it’s just the traffic at this site or something.

I doubt it, but anythings possible I guess.

What browser are you using?

I’m using aol, and Internet Explorer seems to kick me off of the net whenever I try to use it. I have another browzer similar to IE called Gamespot Browzer but I don’t use it much.

Today hasn’t been so bad. I haven’t been logged out automatically yet.