Problems Activating Windows

Hello Chief Delphi
So this year our team ordered 2 classmates from AndyMark. We received the classmates and went on to image them with the E12 DEV image from the Intel site. We followed all the instructions given, but we are now running into an error with activating Windows. When we click on “Activate Windows Now” button, it tells us that our copy of Windows did not pass genuine validation, and that we must go online and pay $150 in order to get an activation key. Can anyone provide some info as to why our copy of Windows is not activating?

Go to the 2011 KOP page on the first web site, find the Activate Windows Files there, unzip them and run the application. It will take care of your problem.

Hello, thanks for the advice.
While the text for the Windows 7 Activation Key is there, it is greyed out and there is no link to anything.

Per the FIRST Forums

The 2011 file discovered by some teams contained a 2011 license key embedded within it. That file has been taken down.

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