Problems Changing Channel on Yellow Dongle

My team was just at a scrimmage, and everyone had some major issues changing their channel using the yellow dongles on the 2005 controller. I believe we eventually got 3 of the 5 robot’s channels changed, one robot used last year’s RC, and the last one (us) use channel 40, the default channel. I don’t think anyone was able to do it with their original team number, we had to randomly assign numbers. We were using the step-by step process found in the schematics for the dongle, but they didn’t seem to work, and had to finagle our way though it, so I dont think anyone at the scrimmage walked away knowing exactly what we had to do to change the channel.

Does anyone have any advice on changing the current years RC to use a different channel?

We had a similar problem in the Quincy scrimmage. It seems that there is a defect in this years OI, which doesn’t allow dongles to switch the channels if the most significant bit on the team number is a logical 0. The only work around seems to be flipping up the most significant bit on the team number. It will change your team number, but you can change it back when you are done.

2005 OI doesn’t need a dongle to change channels, just use the channel switches.

Um, What procedure do you use to change it without a dongle?

Oops, forgot that MSB needs to be on, so your team # is higher the 1024. After that just set the channel you want with the channel switches, THEN turn the robot and OI on. Its worked for me.

We had the same problem this weekend. If you set up a bogus team number, we used 4095, you can set the channel.
IFI said something about it when they put out the update to allow us to get to more than four channels. I can’t find the document, but the large team number worked. I don’t know why.

I put together this white paper this morning in an attempt to explain the process of changing the team number so you can change the channel and how to change the channels, its a pretty simple white paper, hope this helps people out.