Problems compiling Networktables library on Jetson TX2

Hey guys, we are using C++ to integrate with some components on a Jetson TX2 and we wanted to send the information back to the roboRIO using NetworkTables.

We found the ntcore C++ library and were interested in using it. We tested it on a laptop and the library built successfully - however, we are unsure of how to compile the library for use on the TX2, as we get the error below when running ./gradlew build in the root directory of the ntcore project. We are using release 4.1.0 from their Github releases page.

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred configuring root project 'ntcore-4.1.0'.
> Exception thrown while executing model rule: DependencyConfigRules#setupDependencyDownloads(ModelMap<Task>, DependencyConfigSpec, BinaryContainer, ProjectLayout, BuildConfigSpec)
   > Could not resolve all files for configuration ':nativeDeps'.
      > Could not find (edu.wpi.first.wpiutil:wpiutil-cpp:3.1.0-20180301230926-2-g71d06a1).
        Searched in the following locations:

Any help with compiling or sending data to NetworkTables with C++ is greatly appreciated.

The separate ntcore repository is no longer active; ntcore, cscore, and wpiutil have all been merged into the allwpilib repository.

For coprocessors, you need to build allwpilib with cmake instead of gradle, as we don’t distribute the package dependencies for gradle for every platform on the planet.

Oh, I see, that makes more sense now. Thanks for the info.

Are there any instructions on just building ntcore with cmake? We don’t necessarily need OpenCV and everything else that comes with it on our coprocessor.

The README-CMAKE file shows the options. If you disable cscore, you’ll only build wpiutil and ntcore, which is what you want.

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We got it to build successfully! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.