Problems compiling with raspberry pi as a coproccesor in c++

I am using a raspberry pi as a coproccesor for vision processing in c++.
when i am trying to compile using

g++ -std=0x -I<home/pi/ntcore/src/main/native/include> -L/home/pi/ntcore/build/libs/ntcore/static -llibntcore Main.cpp -o vision $(pkg-config --cflags --libs opencv)

the error is:

home/pi/ntcore/src/main/native/include: No such file or directory

I know that the directory exists but i’m thinking it might be something else.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Not sure where you’re getting that command line from but the < and > are probably intended to be replaced by something. Or just taken out and use the full /home/pi/ntcore/blah directory. < in the command line means read input from a file, and that doesn’t make sense in the middle of a g++ call.

Ah, yes, of course. Thank you. It compiled, but now I’m getting errors. Will post more if I need more help. So appreciated.