problems connecting to the roboRIO webdashboard

We are trying to connect to our roboRIO’s webdashboard, but we are having problems. We have tried connecting to “roboRIO4239.local” but it doesn’t connect to anything. We have tried connecting while connected through the radio and through an ethernet cable. Are there any troubleshooting tips that you guys can give us? Our adapter settings are set to…

wireless adapter:

wired adapter:

Ok, on the it showed the connection as roboRIO-####.local and the font hide the “-” from us. It is working now.

Are you able to ping across to the roboRIO and DLink? Are you able to deploy code?

Have you set up the DLink properly? We like to just set up DHCP on the DLink and never worry about IPs again.
If you haven’t gone through the set up, try using the Bridge Utility. If you have difficulty with that try the procedure outlined here.