Problems in School :(

Well one of our teachers is a little bothered by us going to Robotics trips and wants us to ask a couple of questions to other team members and report back to him … so pleaseeeee if you can answer these questions for me , and other members of the team that has the same teacher … :slight_smile: … thankss

First Initial , Last Name, School , Location

  1. What classes are you currently taking
  2. What is your toughest class? Easiest class? What makes them so?
  3. What are the requirements to be on the robotics team in your
  4. How long have you been on the team?
  5. What is your GPA?
  6. What college do you plan on attending?
  7. How much time do you spend a day? week? month? involved in extra-
    curricular activities including the robotics team?
  8. How much time do you speand a day? week? month? doing community
  9. How many required books have you read so far this year? How
    many personal books have you read?
  10. Do you have an AP classes in your school?

We have to write a paper based on these information … and it means alot if we get you guys to help us out … Thanks


M. Crowley Milford HS Michigan

  1. Band, German, AP US History, Advanced American Lit and Comp, Chemistry 1, Geometry
  2. Chemistry, because we move fast, and some of the concepts are hard to understand. English is my easiest, because I love to read and write
  3. A 2.00 minimum GPA (out of 4.00). We have to write an admission essay with our application, also.
  4. This is my second year on the team
  5. 3.0
  6. Grand Valley State University or University of Rochester
  7. In the fall, I spend 3 or 4 hours per week mentoring a local FLL team. During the fall, I also have marching band (3 days a week, 3 hours each. Friday night football games, and all day on saturdays (which is usually 7 am to about midnight)). In the winter, I have FRC (which is 3 week days, 2 hours each, and an 8 hour meeting). I also have Robofest alongside this, which is for about 4 hours each week, running from the end of december until may. I also volunteer for the public library, but those hours are not very much during the school year, though I volunteer a few days a week in the summer.
  8. I volunteer 3 or 4 days a week for the milford library in the summer. I mentor a FLL team in the fall/winter. The HOT team also does road cleanups (2 per year), a river cleanup, parades (4th of july, thanksgiving day parade), freshman orientation (for two highschools), and tries to hit all of the elementary schools in our district for demonstrations. You do the math :smiley:
  9. 6 required. about 100 not required (literally)
  10. Yes, we do have AP classes

Hope I helped a little bit!

P , Pease, SHS , Suffield CT

  1. AP Bio, AP BC Calc, AP/UCONN English, AP Computers and CIM
  2. Toughest class: BC Calc. Easiest: AP Bio. BC Calc is hard because calculus is a pain and Bio is easy because it’s straight memorization.
  3. Something like a C average, same as for sports.
  4. 4 years
  5. 3.56
  6. Boston University
  7. 3 hours per day, 35 per week hundreds per month.
  8. 1 a day 5 a week 21 a month
  9. 8 required books, 3 personal books
  10. Yes, 4 in fact

J. Nowakowski, Goodrich High School, Goodrich Michigan

  1. BLOCK SCHEDULE (1:30 Classes) Speech and Drama, AP English (Language), Environmental Science, Physics
  2. My Toughest is English because it is a college level class. My easiest is Speech because I am already a pretty good public speaker and I took because it is a Blow Off class
  3. 2.5 GPA and come to meetings twice a week
  4. Since my freshman year
  5. 3.825
  6. Michigan State or Specs Howard School of The Broadcast Arts
  7. Probably about 10 Hours a week normally and 15-20 Hours during build season. Marching band, NHS, Boy Scouts, and Robotics are what I do.
  8. This school year I will have done a little more than 50 hours of CS.
  9. I have read 5.5 Required books (Halfway through The Sound and The Fury by Faulkner) And about 10 non-required
  10. Yes we do, US History, Both Englishes, Government, Chem is in the works for next year and you can take any other as an Online Course. I have taken APUSH and am taking APENG.

J. Komar, University High School for Science and Engineering and The University of Hartford, Hartford CT

I am currently a Junior in High School and a Junior in College. My major is Computer Engineering. I am 14 years old.

  1. I am currently taking Electronic Circuit Analysis II (with lab), Microprocessor Systems, Engineering by Design II, Western Heritage, and Gym.
  2. My toughest class (not this semester) probably was Lit (writing). This semester, the toughest class is probably Gym :p. My easiest class (not this semester) was probably Calc IV, and this semester, probably Microprocessor Systems.
  3. 50 Build Hours, 70 average failing no subjects, participate in 2 fundraisers and visit 6 buisnesses, raising a total of 300 dollars. We also require 6 hours of team community service (and our school requires 70 hours of individual service over your 4 years.) I have completed about 300 Build Hours, have a 91 average (including college courses), and have done all of the fundraising reqs ($450). I run a non-profit corporation, and have put in thousands of hours over the years.
  4. This is my third year.
  5. 3.81
  6. I am attending the University of Hartford
  7. During build, I spend between 13 and 18 hours a day 7 days a week at robotics. Off season, I spend about 10 hours a week doing robotics related activities.
  8. I spend every spare minute not doing school work or robotics working on my corporation. This is perhaps between 40 and 70 hours a week on off-season.
  9. I am not enrolled in english this year, but have read 6 required books for Western Heritage. I have also read about 15 pleasure books sinse September.
  10. We do have AP classes at my High School. I do not take any of them.

Hope this helps!


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S Rhodes, Woodside High School at Woodside, CA

  1. AS English II, H AS Chem, Modern European History, Pre-Calc, Latin II, Band
  2. Toughest/Funnest: AS Chem - Good labs, I learn stuff. Easy : Pre-Calc - I’ve slept through multiple classes, Math is easy for me.
  3. Show up and do stuff.
  4. 3 years
  5. 4.17
  6. Hopefully CalTech, but who knows?
  7. 2-4 hours a day, unless it’s build season.
  8. It depends. Maybe five hours a month or so.
  9. Required: 4, Personal: 20+
  10. Since the only AP class sophomores can have is AS Chem, I have only one.

Andrew Blair, Corry Area High School , Corry, PA

  1. Block Scheduling: CADII, Advanced Robotics, Honors English, PhysicsII, Concert Band (Physics and Band are a split block I shoved together)

  2. Toughest class this semester is probably Honors English. But it’s a godsend compared to AP/ChemIII last semester. Easiest class is Advanced Robotics this semester. ChemIII was hard because of the teacher compounding the understanding of the material mostly, along with AP Calc on top of it all. AP Calc was easy, but the workload aggravated my ChemIII class and frustration. Advanced robotics is easy because we just build the robot!

  3. 75%, proficiency, as required by sports and all other activities.

  4. Since 9th grade, when you can first join. Before that, I was on our FLL team from its pilot. So, 4 years in FLL, approaching 4 years in FRC.

  5. ~98.1, 3.92, as I can remember (unweighted).

  6. Wish I knew. CMU or RIT perhaps.

  7. During build, I spend about 20-30+ hours a week, as well as during soccer season. In the few months not encompassed by sports or FIRST, perhaps 30-50 hours a month.

  8. Depending on the time of year, 3-10 hours a month is about usual.

  9. Haha, this year? Two books have been required, and apart from that, I’ve slacked. Honestly, I haven’t read a personal book since summer, though I actively read Popsci and National Geographic.

  10. AP Calc is the only official AP course we offer. ChemIII offered the AP exam, but the class was not officially designated. We do have many honors and advanced courses however.

J , Van Oort, Riverside High , Durham, NC

  1. This semester: AP BC Calculus, UNC-G “iSchool” US History, AP Physics, Honors Molecular Biology. Last semester: AP Biology II, AP English III, AP AB Calculus, Honors Physics I.
  2. Out of the entire year, the toughest is AP Biology, because I hate memorization and am not too good at it. Easiest was definitely Honors Physics, primarily because I was already familiar with a lot of the concepts due to robotics.
  3. Similar to sports teams, but I can’t remember exactly.
  4. This is my third year.
  5. 4.613
  6. Undecided.
  7. The amount of time I spend depends on whether you count researching robot designs in the off season. Regardless of whether we have meetings or not, I tend to average near an hour of that every day. Without that, not a lot, since robotics is my only extra-curricular, so about two hours a weekday during the build season and five-six hours a day on the weekend.
  8. Unfortunately, none. I did about about 4 a month last year volunteering at at a local elementary school tutoring in reading , but my transportation fell through.
  9. I would say something like 5 for school, and about the same out of school. I used to read a lot more out of school, but now I have a lot of trouble finding books that appeal to me.
  10. Yes.

C. Rizer, Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School; Bridgewater, MA

  1. Pre-Calc, Spanish V, English, AP Bio, AP Chem, and Chinese & Chorale (at a local college)
  2. Toughest/Best: Definitely AP Chem. It’s hard, but a lot of fun. One of our coaches is the teacher. Easiest: Pre-calc.
  3. Raising $650, attendance at team meetings, participation in two of the subgroups of our team (Website & Animation, Build, Art, Chairman’s, etc.), at least 30 hours of work for the team (20 for rookies), good grades (Cs and up) and a genuine interest in FIRST.
  4. 3 years
  5. 3.88 (unweighted)
  6. I won’t know for awhile. I’m hoping for Columbia!
  7. A lot! I’ve never clocked the amount.
  8. It depends on what time of year. Usually it’s about 3-6 hours per month.
  9. 5 required books, I think. If there were more, we didn’t go over them! I read 5 personal books as well.
  10. Yes, we have’em.

Good luck with your paper! :slight_smile:

I’ll give you some Canadian results haha

L. Hildred, Trafalgar Castle School, Whitby, ON, Canada

  1. Physics, AP Math, Chemistry, English, Accounting, Law, AP Computer Science
  2. Toughest would be computer science because basically I don’t understand it and computers hate me. Both those things don’t work well together. Easiest would be physics cause I actually like and understand what we’re doing.
  3. You just have to show up to all or most of the meetings.
  4. This is my third year.
  5. Canadian to American conversion I’m a 3.9. My average is 86.6% though
  6. University of Western Ontario
  7. I’m usually busy with something directly after school ever night along with robotics. Going by that it’s 6 hours a night, plus 12 hours on the weekend for robotics (24 hours on the last weekend before ship).
  8. I usually do a couple hours every month. Right now I’m sitting at about 70 hours in the past 2 years.
  9. Required I’ve read about 3 book. Personal I haven’t read any - unless you count magazines.
  10. Yes but only AP math, english, and computer science are offered in grade 11. Only a couple more than that are offered in grade 12.

Hope that helps!!

(this is Canadian)
David Courtney, Kincardine District Secondary School , Kincardine, Ontario

  1. English, Chemistry, Calculus, AP Calculus BC(thats outside of school), Data Management, English Media
  2. Toughest - English, reason I am a math science guy, and anything English doesn’t come naturally to me. Easiest class-Calculus, all math is just easy for me.
  3. None, other then schoolwork comes before robotics… we never want to exclude anyone or make it feel like it is academic only.
  4. 4 years.
  5. I have a 92% average and a 3.7 GPA
  6. University of Waterloo
  7. About 5-7 hours a day
  8. Volunteer all summer long each year, have almost a thousand hours (among 3 years) in my community service book (in Ontario you need 40 recorded hours to graduate) as far as daily or weekly… during school I don’t do so much.
  9. Required- none (it should be 3 by now)… for myself -10
  10. not in, but you can take them separate from the school after hours.

J. Smith; Willow Run High School; Ypsilanti, MI

  1. What classes are you currently taking

Two independent studies: Geometry and Advanced Physics (though I intended to go into AP matter, the hour became more of a tinkering phase, exploration/experimentation sort of deal, a lot of fun)
AP Literature
Newspaper Publications
Calculus 2 via Dual Enrollment

  1. What is your toughest class? Easiest class? What makes them so?

Leaving out the independent studies, AP Literature and Calc 2 are the hardest, Spanish is pretty simple.

  1. What are the requirements to be on the robotics team in your

I couldn’t tell you, but we try and keep people at ~2.5 GPA, and make sure they are doing something on the team, otherwise, we kick them out.

  1. How long have you been on the team?

This is my 4th official year.

  1. What is your GPA?


  1. What college do you plan on attending?

Lawrence Technological University

  1. How much time do you spend a day? week? month? involved in extra-
    curricular activities including the robotics team?

I have never kept track. Any given day it could be 1-3 hours on average. At least ten a week. 40 a month, etc, but its not that much, these are just estimates.

  1. How much time do you spend a day? week? month? doing community

Community service I do in the fall, and it is at least 20 hours. For the past 2 years, I have been doing at least 30 per year with FLL mentoring and either board representative or NHS work.

  1. How many required books have you read so far this year? How
    many personal books have you read?

At least 5 books and several long classical poems. Personal books I barely read, but that is not to say I do not read period. I read the Detroit Free Press daily, read the RSS feeds from MSNBC and ArsTechnica, plus read Maximum PC and PC World whenever I get around to it.

  1. Do you have an AP classes in your school?

1: AP Literature

Refer this teacher to Dean Kamen, that is all I have to say…

K Paysinger. Trenton Central High. Trenton,NJ

  1. Manufacturing Technology, AutoCAD, Gym, and Structural Engineering
  2. AutoCAD is my tuffest. it to much designing. Gym the easiest, i like to be active
  3. You have to b in our school community and passing with a C
  4. This make my third year being on the team
  5. 3.84 is my GPA
  6. Mercer County Community College for Automotive Engineering
  7. I spend 10hrs a day, 6 days (7 sometimes) a week, all during the building season
  8. I do community service during the summer and it varies.
  9. I read 6 books so far. only 2 were required
  10. not this year last year i had AP classes
  1. Sociology, Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, AP Physics, Anatomy, AP Calculus, AP English
  2. My toughest class is Physics- because the material is extensive and we move at a really fast pace
    Easiest academic class is Anatomy because its just memorization
  3. We dont have any requirements to be on the team
  4. This is my fourth year
  5. Weighted, 3.9
  6. Northeastern University
  7. A day-Average-3 hours
    a week-25+ hours
    a month 100+ hours
  8. 2 hours a week for the last two years
  9. I’ve read 4 required books, and 2 unrequired books so far this academic year
  10. Yes, chemistry, biology, physics, statistics, calculus, english, world history, government, spanish and french

There ya go.

J. Jones Pontiac Northern High Pontiac, Michigan

1 - AP Government & Politics, AP Literature And English Composition, Pre-calculus, Physics & Robotics, You & The Law Ii, And Ceramics I
2- Hardest - AP Government & Politics Easiest - Ceramics
3 - You Must Maintain A 3.0 (On A 4.0 Scale) Grade Point Average You Must Also Be Active With The Team By Attending Meetings And Working On A Sub Team (Engineering, Public Relations, Website, Animation Teams)
4 - Three Years
5 - 3.0
6 - Undecided, Ferris State University Or Oakland University
7 - Day - 1-3 Hours (Outside Of Build Season) 3-5 Hours (During Build Season) Week - 4-12 Hours (Outside Of Build Season) 15-25 (During Build Season) Month - 16-48 Hours (Outside Of Build Season) 60-100 Hours (During Build Season)
8 - Month - 8 Hours
9 - Required - 3 Personal - 2
10 - Yes, AP Government & Politics, AP Literature And English Composition, AP Calculus, AP Biology, & AP Chemistry We Did Have An AP Physics Class However, There Wasn’t Enough People That Signed Up For It So If Got Changed To Physics & Robotics

E. Husmann, Hope Chapel Academy, California

Econ, World History, World Lit, Calculus (2nd semester at a community college), Machining (community college)

Calculus (nature of the subject), World History (about two years below my level–long story) and Machining (the hardest part is being within tolerance)

At least a freshman and sign up

going into my fifth year (there was a time when we allowed 8th graders)

above 3, below 4


couple hours max, maybe four hours, maybe six hours

depends on what I have to do in community service

probably about six, about the same

If we want 'em. (ISP school)

  1. What classes are you currently taking:

AP US Gov’t
AP Calculus AB
English 12
Physics I
Advanced Computer Studies (Independent studies class after AP Computer Science AB)
CIW Web Tech (Dual enrollment)
Oracle Database Management (Dual enrollment)

  1. What is your toughest class? Easiest class? What makes them so?
    None are tough, most are easy. I always challenge myself outside of school, through robotics for example, to keep school interesting.

  2. What are the requirements to be on the robotics team in your

Experience. I’m a programmer and when I had joined the team, I had programmed Java for 2 years, had experience writing C, C++, and some experience in ASM and Fortran.

  1. How long have you been on the team?

2 years now

  1. What is your GPA?

Currently a 4.1 (so far this year), overall just over a 3.5 (:frowning: I crashed and burned last year with 3 APs, effectively 4 with chemistry. I was too immature for that kind of schedule last year).

  1. What college do you plan on attending?

Virginia Tech

  1. How much time do you spend a day? week? month? involved in extra-curricular activities including the robotics team?

18 hrs a week working (recently ended to devote more time to robotics), and between 3-9 hrs a day at robotics.

  1. How much time do you spend a day? week? month? doing community service?

1-2 hrs a week as an elementary school teacher aid.

  1. How many required books have you read so far this year? How
    many personal books have you read?

I have been required to read 3 books, personally read 7-8 (it’s hard to remember because I reread a lot of books 'cause I ran out of material).

  1. Do you have an AP classes in your school?

Yep. I’m taking 2 this year (AP Gov’t, AP Calculus AB), took 3 last year (AP Computer Science AB, AP Chemistry, AP US History), and 1 my sophomore year (AP Computer Science A).

S Howland, Loomis Chaffee, Windsor, CT

  1. AP English Literature, AP Physics C, AP Computer Science, Multivariable Calculus, AP Statistics
  2. Toughest class: English (papers) Easiest class: Computer Science… comes easily, and no homework
  3. Team members must contribute at least 50 hours to attend away events. Members are expected to have school as their main priority - if grades drop then they are asked to raise them before continuing with robotics.
  4. 4 year member
  5. 3.9
  6. Currently Washington University in St. Louis, but waiting on MIT, Caltech, Harvey Mudd
  7. 4 hours a day during build, 3 otherwise
  8. Average 15 hrs/month service
  9. 7 required, 3 personal books
  10. Yes, many

First Initial , Last Name, School , Location
J. Bourne; Miami, FL

  1. What classes are you currently taking: Theology, AP Physics, Honors Latin American History, AP Calculus BC, AP Economics, World Literature, Philosophy
  2. What is your toughest class? Easiest class? What makes them so? Toughest class: none, they are equally tough, with the exception of Philosophy which is only easy because I have a slack teacher.
  3. What are the requirements to be on the robotics team in your
    school? warm-blooded, bipedal, pay membership fee
  4. How long have you been on the team? 4th year
  5. What is your GPA? 4.3
  6. What college do you plan on attending? Carnegie Mellon
  7. How much time do you spend a day? week? month? involved in extra-
    curricular activities including the robotics team? **Hours in a day - hours at school - 5 hours (for sleeping) - 2 hours for transportation each day = hours dedicated to robotics so 24 - 8 - 5 - 2 = 9
    ** 8. How much time do you speand a day? week? month? doing community
    service? I have to do at least 60 hours during the school year for Key Club and 25 each school year for graduation (though some hours can be used for both)
  8. How many required books have you read so far this year? How
    many personal books have you read? about 6, for personal, I read no more than I have to
  9. Do you have an AP classes in your school? Yes