Problems re-sizing iiko

hey we have run into another problem with the iiko, when we try to re-size it the iiko resizes normally but the rigs for the iiko dont and when we move the rigs the iiko re-sizes itself back minus the eyes and the teeth. any help would be appreciated for this nub animator of me :slight_smile:

Ever since last year, our team has been attempting to resize the iiko.
We haven’t had any luck either- I don’t think you can.
sorry :frowning:
If there are any other people who know otherwise, let us know!:stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t been able to do it either :frowning: I just resize the whole scene to be Iiko scale.

There is a CAT rig resizer (it’s under “Animation – Animation-CAT — Rig Resizer”), but I am still not quite getting it to work the way I would like. I haven’t watched all the videos that the Autodesk folks have put up, but I’ll try looking through more tomorrow to see if I can find how to do this.

My team used to use a long and painful process of resizing the iiko and then copying and pasting every keyframe with that size, but we figured out recently that not every keyframe needs pasting, and I really have no way to explain this phenomenon.
I’m not sure if that helps anyone, but that’s how we got past it.
(We’re using maya, by the way)