Problems Setting up Limelight IP Address

Hey everyone, I’m the head programmer for team 219 and this year we got the Limelight 2. We’re having a couple of problems on setting a static IP for the limelight. (which is about step 3 of the process). On the limelight documentation, it says to use bonjour to help the process of setting the static IP, and that if you have two bonjours on your computer to un download the bonjour print services. We did that and then downloaded the bonjour from as we wanted to have the most updated bonjour. However, when we downloaded it it says that it BonjourPSSetup, or Bonjour Print Services Setup. And when we look up Bonjour it only gives us the print services (unless we wanted bonjour from 2003 or earlier). Regardless of that, we did the next two steps of Networking Setup but are stuck because we cannot access the configuration panel. http://limelight.local:5801/ We have tried to access it while connected to the robot and without but it doesn’t let us through. Did anyone else have similar problems when setting up limelight? And have any solutions for us? Thanks :slight_smile:

Try to scan the robot wifi for IP adresses that are being used and one of them will be the limelight. Then you can get to the limelight interface using this IP address, where you can set up the static IP for this limelight. You can use for example Angry IP Scanner to do this.


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