Problems uploading photos to the IR@H portal

Just like the title says, when we go to upload a photo, video or any kind of file, it constantly says processing. Anyone else having the same issue?

We aren’t allowed to submit until they are done processing.


We are seeing the same issue. Going to try alternate pictures so see if our files are the issue, but they are well under the limit.

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We are having the exact same issue also.

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Same here

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I uploaded ours at 8pm, no problem. Might be a temporary issue.

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hmmm. I’m wondering if everyone is trying to submit and the website can’t handle it…

Huh weird… that’s never been an issue in our program before.


totally has never happened before… like, ever

As always remember:

If worst comes to worst, do one of the following:

Explain your situation, attach relevant files, etc., they will help you.


30 minutes and still waiting to be able to Lock and Submit.

Where’s the FTA’s when you need them?


Same here, Processing…

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Just Heard back from FIRST within a half hour of writing them:

Good Evening,

We’re looking into this with the host of the website, but we do know that the processing time has been slower tonight. Please leave the page for a bit to let files process. We have seen a few teams email us tonight and then a bit later they tell us the file uploaded after they left it for a bit. Please let us know if this does not work and we will work with you to ensure your submission is complete.

Thank you,


Solid, thanks Peter.

If you are having problems then email them.

We have seen those issues as well. Please encourage teams who are having issues to reach out to us ([email protected]).


Our First submission for the Game Design Challenge just went through.

Waiting on the At Home now.

Just as they said, wait for a bit and read something interesting or watch Space X Launch that was kind of successful

About 14 minutes and the good parts are awesome.


I came home to re-submit because I didn’t get it to go at the shop. I’ll let it go for the next 30-45 minutes, then email.


We spotted this thread as we started working Game Design. Uploads commenced at a moderate rate to allow time. (Though they still aren’t done. I’ve told the kids to alert the Lead Mentor if they haven’t finished in the next 2-3 hours.)

Innovation was already in.


I concur we are also having that issue. At this rate might be doing this while at work tomorrow.


My wife waited 45 minutes for the “Processing” message to go away. Got fed up & went to bed. She will try again in the morning.

This would have been SO MUCH EASIER if FIRST would have let teams upload to YouTube & just provide a link.

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