Problems Uploading to Streamline

I’ve been trying to upload our animation to Autodesk Streamline, but it always times out. The file is 118MB, well under the 250MB limit.

Any suggestions?

Oops, posted under Scott’s name. :]

what about start sending it now?! hauhauua or maybe you could try decrease the number of keyframes of your video or adjust better the codec…

There might be a connection timeout / browser timeout in whatever browser you’re using. I uploaded my animation (94 MB) using firefox with no hassles. Or somewhere along the line from your computer to the streamline, there might be some weird router thing that’s limiting connection times.

After a few more tries we finally got it to upload and tested it on a few different computers.

I’m feeling good now, because the file became messed up when we uploaded it last year we essentially didn’t get to compete too much.

If anyone else is having trouble, just be persistant, there are going to be a lot of people trying to upload in the next few days.

how much quality should i set it to if im compressing with cinepak to keep the video under 250 meg?

Twice it got to about 40% before stopping, saying “An error occured while uploading. Please try again.” We’re trying for the third time at the moment, but we missed the deadline. Will FIRST take mercy on us for being a few minutes behind the deadline?

I sure hope so. The problem occurs both with the streamline application and when using IE as the interface.

When using the streamline client, it says “Unable to transfer document. The size of your site has exceeded its limitl. Upgrade your subscription by contacting us:… etc”

What’s with that? I hope all our efforts on our animation didn’t go to waste.

I’m dying here because rendering the last scene in my animation took an unexpected 4 hours :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: !!! And it didn’t even render it right! ARGHHH!
Now I’m missing the deadline trying to rush the animation to a finished product.

First I couldn’t connect for several hours, then I got an ACOUNT EXCEEDS LIMIT ERROR

ANd now I’m being told that its going to take an hour to upload my animation after I had to render it over twice because it was too big.

Try uploading again, I got the same errors after several hours of trying to connect (ontime) and then when I got to the site- Wham- No drive Space!

Well, its uploading now so Try again.

You to Koko

Try again if you need to, looks like they fixed it.

I’m so late I’m putting the animation in whether or not it gets judged!
We worked too hard on this to just walk away!

We have cleared up a disk space issue, and uploading should
run smoothly now.

If you have any issues, please contact Autodesk support.

Peter Maxfield
FIRST Pacific NW Volunteer Coordinator

Thank You PMAX


If we missed the deadline, how long do we have?

I’ve tried 6 times today. Always a very long wait, then nothing. At least we were able to upload our storyboard!

We finally got ours uploaded ,but it was after the deadline. I hope they accept it. Is the deadline being extended?

We’ve tried on 3 different computers at work and home about 12 or 13 times so far - no luck!

Is there anyone with an FTP site that I can send this to, who can upload it for us?

Yesterday we tried uploading a 133 meg file and some small storyboard files.
The small files uploaded fine. The big file seemed to be uploading (according to the little bar graph on the bottom of I.E.) but after 10 minutes we recieve message:

 The page cannot be displayed.  The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings. 

Today we tried uploading a version in a smaller file size - 77 Meg. Same problem as above.

The students that I mentor worked very hard on this project (as I’m sure you all did). It would be a shame if a technical glitch prevented their entry from making it to the judging process.

I guess all I can do is keep trying…