Problems with C++ Intellisense

Hello, I’m sure that this is a rather simple problem, but I cannot figure this out.
I am on a fresh install (new os, copy of vscode, wpilib generated TimedRobot cpp project) and keep having intellisense problems across both of our programmer laptops. I am able to build without errors but the editor and “PROBLEMS” tab return:

cannot open source file “frc/TimedRobot.h (dependency of “Robot.h”)” and cannot open source file “frc/smartdashboard/SmartDashboard.h”

It seems that my problem is with the vscode includePath, but I cannot figure out how to do this, and why wpilib didn’t do it automatically.

I also get a pop-up on launch stating that my project needs to be imported into the 2020 format, however this is a fresh Timedrobot file created with this version of wpilib

Pertinent Information:
OS: Ubuntu 19.10
VScode version: 1.41.1
Wpilib version: 2020.1.2

If you’re getting the update to 2020 message, the project you are using was not created with the 2020 version of wpilib. That is the reason intellisense is not showing up either. Easy way to tell is in the .wpilib folder in the wpilib_preferences.json, the year will be 2020 or 2020Beta-2. If it’s 2019, it was not created with the 2020 vscode extension.

Creating the timedrobot template again did fix the issue of needing to be imported into the 2020 version, maybe trying to configure git to automatically push the project directory to GitHub broke it?

The intellisense issue persisted until I tried the basic troubleshooting step that I should have a while ago. I had to close the file, relaunch vscode, and re-open the file.

Thanks for your quick response.

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