Problems with code deployment.

I am having a very frustrating problem. The cRIO that I am trying to deploy code to is not initializing or receiving the code properly. When we deploy the code it says that it deploys flawlessly, but when we attempt to run motors with this code, it does not function properly. The code is error less. We think that we might know what the problem is, but we are not sure. Our cRIO’s status light is not flashing yellow, which an elder member of our team says it should be. We also think that we might have to update our driver station, would this be a feasible error? Can somebody please direct me to a tutorial so that i can verify all steps of deployment. It would also be helpful if you know what the problem is.

Can you check NetConsole output?

Have you installed all of this year’s software and updates? Did you reimage the cRIO after you installed the Utilities update?

did you modify the robot main vi? If you deleted the loop that the tele-op code runs in then your code will run once then stop…

Also, how are your motor controllers connected? If you’re using CAN cables, did you enable the correct plugin when imaging the cRIO?

What language is your team using?

If the Robot Signal Light is not working, you very likely have a wiring problem. Make sure your Digital Sidecar is getting battery voltage on its power input connector. If the DS is not correctly powered, the PWM outputs will not work consistently.

If you are using Labview build a copy of the un-edited default robot code that comes along with the FIRST update. If that deploys and runs you’ve got something in your code that is causing trouble. I mostly see loops that crush the watchdog leading to timeouts that are hard to diagnose on the driver’s station.

This year we had a lot of trouble with our compressor loop making it look like the robot was not responding to inputs. Once we got that coded correctly we were golden. Hard one to find if you aren’t sure what to look for.

Good luck.